September 8, 2008

Heart Rock Candy

Heart Rock Candy. How many of you are familiar with the holiday taffy candies with a design in the center (for example, a round taffy candy with a Christmas tree in the middle, or the classic Bull's Eye caramel)? So imagine my delight when a special little rock, resembling these candies, made its way into my hand.

In the early spring I was out for a hike in the woods, not feeling particularly inspired or connected to my spiritual side. And on this day I really wanted to be "connected" (a word I use to describe feeling inner peace at really seeing God's creation around me and being filled with love). I also wanted to feel that I was on the right path in my life, based on some decisions I had recently made. As I hiked, I found myself in a valley, literally. It's a beautiful spot where two hills gently slope upward. I love the way I feel so small when I pass through this valley. I can't help but feel the presence of angels as I walk this dirt trail, and I now know the reason. Just as in life, when I hit valleys (or low points), they become fertile ground for new growth to take place and for God to start some pretty cool work in me. His assigned helpers come instantly to my aide simply upon calling out for help. I just have to remember to ask for the help, ask for the guidance, and ask for the connection. I have always found the best spiritual experiences occur in "the valleys." Usually hindsight has made me appreciate my valley experiences, but I'm trying to keep my eyes open more during my "valley" experiences so I don't miss a beautiful moment of renewal.

So as I walked dirt path and headed up the steep hill, still feeling unconnected and insignificant, I asked for God to speak to me so I could feel His presence--whenever and wherever. My eyes looked down for a moment, and then back up, only to look down again and pick up a pinkish white rock. I was not thinking of finding a heart rock, and this one was not shaped like one anyway. But when I turned it over it unmistakeably had a pinkish-white heart shape set within the rock (see the picture on my page). I was so touched by this "message." I really do believe that God sends us messages in His natural world if we can only take the time to ask and be open to seeing what He places before us. I was not expecting this "heart rock candy" to be His message of the day for me. But that's just it: even though I might have an expectation of how God will speak to me or of what God has planned for me, His plan will always be better and more perfect than mine. His vision will extend farther than my limited imagination will go. And He allows all of us to tap into His creative vision for our own futures; we just have to have open our minds and hearts and remain flexible. I carry this bit of heart rock wisdom with me in my own heart now. And I am amazed at what I am allowed to see when I stop expecting to see something.

On a lighter note: Later that same day I was so excited about my new rock I brought it to my daughter's fourth grade science fair to show my husband. Of course, I lost it in the cafeteria and went crazy trying to find it. The teacher saw my panic and thought I had lost a diamond earring or something. I was embarrassed to admit it was a rock . . . but a rather important one! I had visions of it being thrown in the trash by the janitor or kicked around by kids not knowing its special quality. So I faced the fact that it was only mine for a short time. But sure enough, I found it over by the stage and stuck it in my pocket as if it were a $500 bill. Whew!


Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Jenna,your story reminds me so much of the book Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. Thanks for sharing your quiet moments with God and the messages you received. It was just the reminder I needed today...simply to ask and the help will come.

Love reading your thoughtful reflections! I look forward to reading more.


Jenna Love said...

Kimberly, What a wonderful comment! Thank you. I just checked out your blog, and everything is truly inspirational. Your photography is fluid and gentle, reminding me that God is in all the details of His creation.

in Him,

Ro said...

Wow Jenna.I sit here reading poetry-fluid as though you were standing here before me speaking with clarity and reason.You are a daughter of the Kind and your mind is open for goodness, love and passion and you must pass it on.I beel like my direction many times is mostly downward because of the past and the past as you say, is the past.Before my mom died,her last words to me were "don't look back".Mom said that as clear as could be and she was slipping in and out of consciencness.But clear she was.Did she mean the past is the past..don't do back..go forward. I have to hope so, I have to hope.